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Bellefonte runners end their season with stop at Hershey

Courtesy of Chad Wiler

Bellefonte cross country state qualifiers ran at the PIAA Cross Country Championships Saturday.

Some ran it for the first time, and others it was a return to do better than last year. Having 7 from our team compete against the best in the state, says how good this team is! 

Our 3 qualifying girls went first against the best in the state in class 2A. Sophomore Natalie Jolley led the Bellefonte girls with her first go at states. Jolley ran a time of 21:58 placing 131st. Emma Raish, a freshman ran in her first state meet with a time of 22:24 and placed 154th. Senior Emma Liadis ran in her second state meet with a time of 22:33 and placed 160th. These three girls have run up front all season, and I’m super proud of them for what they have accomplished. Having all three of them make the state meet says how good they are. 

For the boys, all four of them gave it their very best against a lot of good competition. Senior Alex Crist ran an incredible time of 17:14 placing 38th in class 2A. Senior Alex Mansfield placed 155th with a time of 18:42. Junior Kaiden Williams, ran a time of 18:49 and placed 167th in his first state meet. Senior Caleb Vinnedge placed 176th with a time of 18:54. These guys had an overall really good day. This season is nothing to snooze about for Bellefonte Cross Country. 

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