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Interview with the Sons of Mifflin County Part One: Matt “TRK” Silks


Photo courtesy of HWF
By Joshua Yoder

LEWISTOWN – Get ready wrestling fans because here is a three part interview with one of the hottest acts in pro wrestling today, the Sons of Mifflin County. Here is part one of my interview with Matt Silks a third of the SOMC. I would personally like to thank Matt for taking the time for this interview. Hope you all enjoy.

JY: What progress do you believe has been made since forming SOMC as a group?

MS: I have seen a lot of progress as a group. Me and RD as a tag team and Danielle has become very popular.

JY: How excited are you about your match with Neverfall?

MS: I am ecstatic and I feel the responsibility. Being a former World champion I feel the pressure on we have got to deliver.

JY: HWF has been growing you have to be pleased about that?

MS: I am so happy for Trista. She has become so much smarter to the business. As well as becoming a very responsible promoter.

JY: Where do you see SOMC going in the future?

MS: Hopefully out of the state of PA and be competitive with other companies. We have been a mainstay everywhere we’ve gone and I love that!

JY: Favorite HWF moment so far?

MS: Winning the World title for the first time in front of a record crowd against Edward James at Animosity 2022.

I once again would like to thank Matt for his time for this little interview. And fear not HWF fans as there will be more to come as part two will feature long time member of the SOMC. RD Mosh!

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