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Saturday MIfflin County wrestling results from Hollidaysburg Quad Meet

Saturday Results of Mifflin County at Hollidaysburg Quad Meet

Mifflin County Hs 32, Hollidaysburg Area Hs 22

126: Brian Praul (HAH) over Adin Thorpe (MCH) (MD 15-2)

132: Deakon Schaeffer (MCH) over Gaige Rabenstein (HAH) (Dec 5-2) 138: Parker Kearns (MCH) over Weston Barnes (HAH) (Fall 3:54) 145: Jacob Cunningham (MCH) over   (HAH) (For.)

152: Kyler Everly (MCH) over   (HAH) (For.)

160: Campbell Walls (HAH) over Anson Wagner (MCH) (Fall 1:34) 172: Trey Kibe (MCH) over Aaron Sleeth (HAH) (TF 23-8 5:00)

189: Carter Schultz (HAH) over   (MCH) (For.)

215: Christopher Iachini (HAH) over   (MCH) (For.)

285: Double Forfeit

106: Double Forfeit

113: Nic Allison (MCH) over Noah Horne (HAH) (Fall 1:29)

120: Double Forfeit

Huntingdon 39, Mifflin County 30

113: Nic Allison (MCH) over Alex Gladfelter (HAH) (Fall 1:29)

120: Landon Dunsmore (HAH) over Adin Thorpe (MCH) (Fall 1:20)

126: Devin Grubb (HAH) over   (MCH) (For.)

132: Deakon Schaeffer (MCH) over Eden Wagner (HAH) (Dec 7-3)

138: Parker Kearns (MCH) over Morgan McDivitt (HAH) (Dec 5-0) 145: Devin  Brenneman (HAH) over Jacob Cunningham (MCH) (SV-1 3-1)

152: Kyler Everly (MCH) over   (HAH) (For.)

160: Anson Wagner (MCH) over Owen Garlock (HAH) (Fall 1:45) 172: Trey Kibe (MCH) over Kyle Barnett (HAH) (Fall 1:09)

189: Myles  Baney (HAH) over   (MCH) (For.)

215: Briar Deline (HAH) over   (MCH) (For.)

285: Gunner Singleton (HAH) over   (MCH) (For.)

106: Ryan Yocum (HAH) over   (MCH) (For.)

Clearfield 36, Mifflin County 28

120: Double Forfeit

126: Nolan Barr (CAH) over Adin Thorpe (MCH) (Fall 1:24)

132: Deakon Schaeffer (MCH) over Justin Hand (CAH) (MD 13-4)

138: Luke  Freeland (CAH) over Parker Kearns (MCH) (Fall 1:17) 145: Jacob Cunningham (MCH) over Will Domico (CAH) (Dec 5-2) 152: Kyler Everly (MCH) over Karson Kline (CAH) (Dec 5-1)

160: Anson Wagner (MCH) over Wyatt Reorda (CAH) (Fall 1:27)

172: Trey Kibe (MCH) over Carter Chamberlain (CAH) (Fall 0:55) m189: Mark McGonigal (CAH) over   (MCH) (For.) 215: Hayden Kovalick (CAH) over   (MCH) (For.)

285: Oliver Billotte (CAH) over   (MCH) (For.)

106: Evan Davis (CAH) over   (MCH) (For.)

113: Nic Allison (MCH) over   (CAH) (For.)

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