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WMRF Radio ties Burnham Bulldogs Special Needs football team

For the first time in the long 13 years of playing football as a group, the Burnham Bulldogs Special Needs football team finished a game with a tie.

Members of the WMRF Radio football players played a back-and-forth contest that ended in a 45-45 stalemate as the time ran out on the game clock.

WMRF has been one of the Bulldogs friendliest rivals over the years and added another chapter to the growing rivalry.

After the game, the two teams shook hands and exchanged pleasantries afterwards, both showing true sportsmanship.

Despite the stalemate, the tie guaranteed the Bulldogs of another Super Bowl Appearance on October 20th.

Could there be a rematch lining up for a Super Bowl match up between the two?

stay tuned!!

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