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Middle Road Speedway Completes Two Day Racing Program

Courtesy of Craig Rutherford

Lewistown, (PA)- The Middle Road Speedway successfully completed the second day of their weekend program Sunday June 13. Weather played a part keeping spectators and racers at a lower level.

Despite the obstacles racing continued with plenty of action on the Mifflin County oval. 

Chris Powers continued his winning ways during winged cage kart action. Son, Hunter finished second. Father also won the heat race. The pair reside in Lewistown.

For the second day in a row young Lucas Foltz of Lewistown won the Jr. Mini class feature event. The class is for children 6-10 years old. Foltz also won the qualifier.

Barry Powers of Lewistown displayed a commanding presence winning the Mod XR Tractor class over runner-up Fred Gill. Zach Gill finished third. Hank Rutherford withdrew from the event and was scratched. Powers  won the heat race.

The Nace Racing team from Liverpool controlled the Flathead Go Kart class. Heather Nace prevailed over Bob Nace.Brandon Nace dropped out of the event. Heather Nace earned fifty dollars for the victory. She also won her heat  race. 

Zach Gill of New Kingston, PA won the Adults Cage Kart class over Hunter Powers. Trenton Fultz finished third with Fred Gill fourth. Hank Rutherford withdrew from the event. Powers won the heat race.

Jerrod Fraine won the Super Modified Single Cylinder main. Rennie Woods was victorious in the Super Modified Twin Cylinder class.  Fraine and Woods won their heat races. Bob Ingram was scheduled to start in the Twin class but did not due to mechanical problems.

Currently the speedway will be dark for the month of July before returning to action. Further updates will be announced as information becomes available. 

 Middle Road Speedway Race Results, June 13, 2021

Winged Cage Karts 15 Lap Feature 

1. Hunter Powers, (Heat & Feature Race), 2. Chris Powers. 

Jr.Mini Tractors 15 Lap Feature 

1. Lucas Foltz, (Heat & Feature Race)

Mod XR Tractors 15 Lap Feature 

1. Barry Powers,( Heat & Feature Race) 2. Fred Gill, 3.Zach Gill. DNS- Hank Rutherford.

Flat Head Go Kart 15 Lap Feature

1. Heather Nace, (Heat & Feature Race), 2. Bob Nace, 3. Brandon Nace. .

Adult Cage Kart 15 Lap Feature

1. Zach Gill, 2. Hunter Powers, 3. Trenton Fultz, 4. Fred Gill. DNS, Hank Rutherford. Heat Race Winner, Powers.

Super Modified Twin Cylinder Tractors 15 Lap Feature

1. Rennie Woods. DNF, Bob Ingram. 

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