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Yoder: One on One Interview With Former MC Player Marissa Gingrich


Photos Courtesy of Lamar Carter of NJIT Athletics

By Joshua Yoder

Hello Mifflin County sports fans, here is a one on one interview with former Mifflin County girls basketball player Marissa Gingrich who had recently completed her first season as a division one college basketball player at NJIT.

JY: What was your first impression when you first were getting ready for the season?

MG: It hit me how this is a full time job for the players and coaches, considering we spend about 26 hours a week on basketball. I was ready for work, but the intensity of the regular season was coming.

JY: What was it like getting to work with your teammates?

MG: I really like all my teammates, although from different areas and backgrounds we all get along and work toward the same goal.

JY: What is the biggest difference playing in college than playing in high school?

MG: Some of the main differences I’ve experienced was the physicality and the speed of the game. Also, maturity of the players was a factor in that, during the season I was guarding 25-year old women, due to the COVID year exception.

JY: Describe the atmosphere being in your first college basketball game?

MG: My first college game was at Army and fan enthusiasm and the atmosphere was a lot bigger than high school, although I was a little nervous, it’s still the same game I have played for 15 years. It also helped that I had my family there to support me.

JY: You got to start a couple of times, what was that moment like?

MG: As the season went on I gained more confidence and knew I was one of the best players on the team and I was hoping I would start to help the team win. Introductions of the starting lineup are more of a show at the college level. I expect to experience this in the next three years.

JY: Overall how did you think your first season went?

MG: At the Division I level there is obviously a learning curve for all players, however as the season progressed I kept getting better and earned the right to start and helped my team play some of its best basketball at the end of the season. The last 6 games of the season showed the game plan for success of the program in the future.

JY: What was your favorite moment of the year?

MG: Obviously starting and contributing to some big wins down the stretch. Also, although it was a loss, leading our team in scoring, assists, steals, and rebounds at Binghamton late in the season.

JY: What is your goal heading into the offseason?

MG: To continue to improve, get stronger, and prepare myself to be in the starting lineup next season. We have a good core returning, and our goal is to reach the NCAA Tournament next year.

JY: What do you say to other kids who want to reach the level of college basketball?

MG: You have to work on the fundamentals when you are young and are willing to play against the best competition. You also have to be willing to accept criticism, be in the gym longer than everyone else, and make sacrifices.

JY: What do you miss about playing in high school?

MG: Playing in front of all my friends, family, and local community is unique to high school sports. Also, having my Dad as my coach was a special experience for me. However I am embracing this next chapter of my basketball career.

I personally would like to say thank you to Marissa and wish her nothing but the best for her college basketball career. I would also like to thank Stephanie Pillari who is the Assistant AD for Media Relations and Digital Strategy for NJIT as she helped coordinate this interview.

Best of luck to NJIT next season!

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